Cliff under the reservoir
  Small Ruokou Yongjia County north 2.5 km west of the valley, a stream 1 km long and 30 meters wide, more than 300 meters high on both sides of the steep, exposed first-line blue sky, the famous cliff under the library. Visitors to this, reminding us of scenes exposure to skyscrapers in the alley, the black cliffs of the cliffs pressure from people on both sides, only summer noon, only a few minutes to see the sun.
  Into the cliff basement, the face of a thousand cliffs, standing in harmony, standing on top of it, on the right is about seven or eight meters high cliffs like a white practice, only revealing section of the shame waterfall. The steep wall of about 20 meters high stone level, the brave can handrail climb, straight on the left side of the cliff a gap. Gap at the gap blowing from the front blowing, rain wrapped rain, cold pressing.
  Under a pool, a width of 100 square meters, Tanbi all over the pebbles, surrounded by steep cliffs. People stand here, such as falling deep well. Every rainy season, the waterfall will cover the entire lake face, daunting, unable to move forward.
  Cliff under the library, Valley Long Gorge, Chong Cliff stack, dangerous majestic, quiet Junxiu, there are still many attractions around. There is a boulder on the roadside, people sitting cross-legged, merciful smile, that "welcome the immortal"; left a canyon, about 200 meters long, nearly 20 meters wide, very quiet, called "fairy stream"; the left side of the mountain On a stone about 10 meters square, the name "owl stone"; owl stone 100 meters above the top, there is a rectangular stone boulders, the next sturdy stone pillar standing, like lift sedan, the name of "immortal lift sedan chair."