Lin pit

  Lin pit is not a mere fame, here has Nanxi preserved the most complete mountain dwellings. They have a history of more than 100 years, and the oldest of them is more than 200 years old.
  Lin Keng Tsuen Nanxi River has the most complete preservation of mountain dwellings, but fortunately not over-exploitation, those exquisitely carved wooden hut is still hidden in the mountains and rivers, simple and natural. Hillside built houses, patchwork, harmony and unity. Village bridge water people, smoke curl, clouds sometimes wind around, people do not know where they are. Small bridges, running water, people, smoke, clouds, show in front of a wonderful rural beauty. The more in-depth, the more we are amazed at this god-like masterpiece.
  Lin Keng, deputy director of Hong Kong's Phoenix Satellite Television, known as "China's first aerial photography," Zhao Qunli, is "looking for lost homes," the aerial mission, unfortunately hit the high-voltage wires and crash dead. In his unfortunate death after Lin pit fame, from the unknown village to ALICE enthusiastic tourist hot spots.