Furong ancient village

  Built in the Tang Dynasty was not built in the past, the village building to "seven-star eight bucket" layout, located in Nanxi River, the famous natural landscape Furong three cliffs named after, most of the village houses for the wooden structure, walls of every household are With stones or directly using the bed of Nanxi River pebbles piled under, the wall is not high, you can see when you walk in the courtyard planted in the earth quietly open the flowers, covered with green roof tiles, a few Wicker smoke winds around the wind drifted away ... As if an ancient, unconscious dream wrapped around the front of the house, the village stream side of the women barefoot standing in the clear stream washing clothes at home, put a fake child They are laughing and joking at one side ... walking in this quiet village, really seems to be as warm and comfortable as crossing the long, untouched era.