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   Yongjia has a long history. Han Shun Emperor Yonghe three years (AD 138) was founded in Yongning County, Sui Kaihuang nine years (AD 589) renamed Yongjia County, "long and beautiful," meaning, is also the birthplace of Wenzhou culture.

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  Yongjia County is located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang Province and the north bank of the lower reaches of the Oujiang River with a total area of ​​2674 square kilometers and a total population of 960,500 (up to the end of 2013). There are 8 towns (Beicheng Street, Nancheng Street, Dongcheng Street, Jiangbei Street, Dong'ou Street, Sanjiang Street, Huangtian Street and Wuniu Street), 10 towns (Qiaotou Town, Qiaoxia Town, Shatou Town, Town, 巽Zhaizhen, rock town, Fenglin town, rock town, big Ruoyan town, crane town), 912 administrative villages.     
   Located at longitude 120 ° 19 'to 120 ° 59' and latitude 27 ° 58 'to 28 ° 36', Yongjia is a typical subtropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 18.2 ℃. It has four seasons and abundant rainfall with a pleasant climate.
  Yongjia has a long history. The Dongou State built by Huidi during the Han Dynasty was set in Yongjia territory. Sui Wendi Kaihuang nine years (589 years) Yongjia County waste disposal home state, change Yongning County Yongjia County, county along the county name, "Yongjia" as the county name from the beginning. "Yongjia" word, take "long and beautiful" meaning. During the period of the Agrarian Revolutionary War, Yongjia was the birthplace of the Red 13 Army and an important base for the guerrillas in southern Zhejiang. In the era of peace construction, Yongjia pioneered the nationwide production and household relocation. During the reform and opening up, Yongjia people created the Oriental buttons famous both at home and abroad Market, is an important model of "Wenzhou model."
  Yongjia profound cultural connotation, famous calligrapher Wang Xizhi and poetry originator Xie Lingyun have served as Yongjia Prefecture. In the history of literature, the "Yongjia Four Spirits", unique in the poetry of the Southern Song Dynasty, the "Yongjia School" advocating pragmatic fiscal management in the history of philosophy, and the "Yongjia Kunju Opera", which have an important influence in the history of opera, are all born here.
Yongjia transport facilities, State Road 104, 330 State Road, Zhu Yong passing through the high-speed, Wenzhou Bridge, East Ou Bridge, Oujiang Bridge, Wujiang five bridges Yongjiang along the five major economic towns and Wenzhou directly connected. Wenzhou Airport is only 60 kilometers away from Yongjia County.
  Yongjia exclusive prestige, "China's longevity hometown", "China Wuniu morning tea town", "China zipper town", "China's button capital", "Chinese teaching toy capital", "China's valve town "Are Yongjia's business card.
  Yongjia County is paradise, Nanxi River is the ground article. "Yongjia" word, contains the "long and beautiful," the meaning of this water is the Nanchang River in Wenzhou Yongjia.
  Long 300 years Nanxi River into the natural scenery and cultural landscape as one, including the eight scenic spots more than 800 attractions, is a national scenic area, the Chinese landscape village, the world geological park, to the United States, rock odd, more than waterfall, village The ancient, famous Lin Xiu and is the only scenic spot in China's state-level scenic spots known for landscape pastoral scenery. Nanxi River Scenic Area has both natural landscape resources represented by volcanic landform and Nanxi River system, as well as human landscape resources represented by ancient villages and ancient dwellings, which embodies profound cultural connotation, rich type combination and complete Agglomeration scale, rich characteristics of beauty. Scenic ring mountain water around the formation of thirty-six Bay seventy beaches, clear water Golden Beach meandering forward, all the way towering Cun Tsui, beach forest embellishment, Ming Shan Xiushui, Dan difficult to describe. Hundreds of ancient villages on the bank of the river have a long history and a rich cultural heritage. In the beautiful landscapes and pastoral areas, Yongjia people thousands of years in the paddle Sails interpretation of the "fishing Qiao farming reading" tradition of life, in the idyllic pastoral scenery squandered leisure time, so that the pace of life in the curl smoke A slow and slow, as if suspended in Wei and Jin.
  Nanxi River is the cradle of Chinese landscape poetry. From the originator of the Chinese landscape poetry - the Southern Dynasty poet Xie Lingyun began, many Chinese poets on the Nanxi River chant. Their flying inspiration, their characters with the sun and the moon, nurturing the landscape of Yongjia people, but also protect Yongjia natural fresh native culture. Even more striking is the local Yongjia School, Yongjia Sling, Yongjia Zen, Yongjia School, Yongjia Medical School, Yongjia Zaju, have had a huge impact in the history of Chinese culture. Nanxi River culture created by the ancient village group, and contains ancient farming ancient buildings in the ancient farming culture, clan culture, feng shui culture, architectural culture, longevity culture, is even more linger and amazed.
Nanxi River, a flowing landscape poetry, records the historical changes of thousands of years, nurturing the unique charm of Yongjia, she beautiful and petty, her elegant and longstanding, she was beautiful, but throwing sonorous.
  Into the Nanxi River, looking for landscape poems forever, the pursuit of the most beautiful peach blossom.




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