Nanxi Yangmei

  Bayberry distribution throughout the county in Yongjia County, but the most famous Nanxi Yangmei. The main origin of rock head, Bi Lian, rock Tanzania and other mountains.

  Nanxi Yangmei prestigious in Wenzhou market, following the Cha Shan Shan Mei Xie City, Nanxi Yangmei will be the exclusive market in Wenzhou, and Nanxi bayberry bayberry bayberry resistance than storage, easy transportation, which by the Wenzhou people's favorite.
  Yongjia County, the people have the habit of soaking wine with bayberry, bayberry alcohol mellow aroma, drink refreshing stomach, refreshing.



 Rock head watermelon

  Nanxi River rich in watermelon on both sides, the main producing areas are rock, maple, Hong Kong, West Bank and other places, especially in the headwaters Village and Fenglin Shagang Watermelon most famous, with a large, thin, juicy, taste Sweet and so on. Every summer, watermelon is the best-selling products in the rock, from all over the city of Wenzhou, an endless stream of merchants. Rock watermelon with a large, thin, juicy, sweet, high sugar, crisp quality, taste refreshing and so on.



Bi Lian Xiang grapefruit

  Fragrant pomelo, Yongjia called "fragrant throwing" is a pomelo. Fragrances mother plant up to about seven meters, the crown compact, strong trees, generous leaves, the average yield of 125-150 kg, the highest strain of up to 250 kg. Pilian Pomelo is currently the earliest mature pomelo varieties, can be harvested in late September market. More sweet and less succulent meat, rich flavor, crisp texture, refreshing fragrance, no bitter taste and so on. Bi Lian Xiang grapefruit was pear-shaped, higher commodity value, but also resistant to storage, stored until the following spring, its taste more sweet.


On the loquat lake

  Loquat alias name, the ancient name "Lu orange" is China's traditional famous fruit, dating back more than two thousand years of cultivation history, Yongjia all over the planting, the main producing areas for Liuzhou, Huangtian, Wuniu and on the pond and other places, Especially in the Dragon Lake loquat most famous.

  On the lake loquat is a precocious species, than the pond habitat loquat listed about half an month earlier. A large nuclear, thin yellow, fleshy tender, sweet and mellow, rich aroma and so on.



Jingzhou chestnut

  Yongjia is the main chestnut producing area in Wenzhou, accounting for three-quarters of the city's output. The varieties of Yongjia chestnut mainly include shimmer chestnut, chestnut chestnut, chestnut chestnut and chestnut chestnut, among which the chestnut chestnut and chestnut chestnut are the most famous ones. Their high yield performance, bright chestnut fruit, sweet meat, large fruit, uniform particle, Generally 30 for a pound, the largest catty only about 16, picked in late September. Yongjia chestnut especially if the rock is the most famous Jingzhou chestnut, chestnut raw fresh and sweet, stewed, boiled can be made dishes; shelled with black sand plus caramel a fry, that is sugar fried chestnuts, it is crisp scent. Yongjia mountain farmers have "chestnut stewed chicken" custom.



Wuniu morning tea

  Legend of the South China Sea Guanyin Zizhu Park has a fairy tea, fragrant overflowing, bud leaves Pitt, daily called the boy picked three bud tender top, with Oasis drink, in order to support the heart. Unexpectedly, a cents cow smell its fragrance on the 1st, while fairy boy nap, slipped into Zizhu Garden, just want to steal chewing tea, was found Guanyin, anxious cents tea escape, Guanyin hot pursuit, until the beautiful Oujiang Nanxian North Shore, see this mountain Qingshui show, is a good place for cents to breed, will Xianxiao Xu Yun head, fell on the waterfront, into a wagon (now Yongjia County, Wau Niu town near the first west of the Oujiang River Shore of a rock, hence the name of the town of Wu Niu), make it cemetery cents tea. The title of fairy tea then fell to the river, take root in the mountains and multiply, is now the Wau milk tea. This fairy cow title tea story undoubtedly adds to the wow morning tea culture.



Dong Gao tomatoes

  Dongao tomatoes have more than 700 years of planting history, with a large, thin, sweet and so on. The general four for a pound, the largest two for a pound. Plant production is generally about 400-500 pounds. Dong Gao Dongxiang Village has a persimmon king, strain 1000 kg. Dongjiu persimmon varieties are late, usually in the "cream down" to "winter" picking. Persimmon picked after astringent, to go through edible processing. Peeled bake, drying made of dried persimmons, sweet as honey, often for gifts.



Yongjia wood carving

  Boxwood wood carving, is a round sculpture art. It makes use of the bright and clean boxwood texture, delicate texture, dignified natural form and so on. Boxwood was milky yellow wood, the longer the time, the color from light to deep, more people give a simple and elegant beauty. Yongjia is one of the cradles of Zhejiang boxwood carvings. It is also known as "Zhejiang three carvings" of Dongyang woodcarving and Qingtian stone carving. Located in the lower reaches of Nanxi River Yongjia Renxi, carving art has a long history, known as "carving village" reputation.